Water Is A Fundamental Ingredient In A Recipe For Good Oral Health

Our normal bodily functions cause us to lose water in one way or another all throughout the day. It’s even harder to stay hydrated in hot weather or or if you are physically exerting yourself. Illness can bring on a fever or cause vomiting which can increase the danger of dehydration. Water is very important to good oral health. We need it to support the natural flow of the saliva in our mouths. Besides keeping our mouths moist and healthy saliva is beneficial to our digestive system by making it easier to chew and swallow our food. It also fights to kill off the germs that cause bad breath. Dry mouth is the condition that comes from a lack of adequate saliva and can result in gum disease and tooth decay. If there isn’t enough saliva to wash away the tiny food particles that can remain in our mouths after eating bacteria can fester there. While drinking fluoridated water is essential for maintaining strong and healthy teeth, salt water can be beneficial as well. Dentists often recommend rinsing with salt water to facilitate the healing process after a tooth extraction or other surgical procedure. Because the mineral content is similar a salt water rinse can be more compatible with our body than a stronger medicinal. Get to know more about the services and associates of Compass Dental in Hickory, NC on the website, www.compassdentalhickory.com.

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