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If you find yourself using any excuse in the book to put off making an appointment with your dentist you may be experiencing an extreme case of dental anxiety. Some people are so afraid of the dentist that they would actually prefer to suffer through the pain of a severe toothache than undergo a dental procedure to relieve it. This kind of apprehension is totally unnecessary if you consider the way that technology has advanced in the field of dentistry. Big scary drills have been replaced with smaller versions that work much faster and sound a lot less threatening. Embarrassment may also be a part of the problem. People who have shied away from dental care for sometime may find it hard to admit. They may also expect disapproval and possibly even reprimand from the dentist or hygienist. You may rest assured that this will not be the case! Professionals in the dental industry are only concerned with the best interests of their patients. They will be glad that you have put your trust in them and will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The easiest and less costly way to deal with a dental issue is to tackle it head on. Ask for personal recommendations and search the internet to find a dentist who sounds just right for your needs. Dr. Sigmon of Compass Dental in Hickory N.C. will be happy to discuss your concerns. Call his office @ 828-322-6226

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