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If you’re missing one tooth or more than a few and have been diagnosed as a less than likely candidate for dental implants don’t despair, there are other ways to deal with the dilemma. Dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable and clumsy. Today’s technology has allowed dentists to custom make dentures so well that they are often mistaken for natural teeth. One of the biggest issues in ending up with a perfectly fitting denture is getting a good impression to go by. A dental impression is a replica of a patient’s natural teeth which is used as a model to create a denture. New techniques are being used to make the patient more comfortable during the process so that his muscles will be relaxed and the result will be more accurate. Improvements in the materials used and the size and shape of modern dentures have made them conform better to the mouth and give the wearer new confidence to eat and speak just like he did with his natural teeth. This is a major development compared to the instability of some of the previous appliances. A well fitting and effective denture is a great benefit to the wearer but just like a crown or a veneer or even an implant it must be taken care of. Regular dental checkups and proper maintenance will promote the longevity of any denture. Visit Compass Dental @ to find out more about the improved possibilities for tooth replacement.

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