Preserve The Strength Of Your Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the outer covering that protects the inner layers of your teeth from exposure to bacteria. When you eat or drink something particularly hot or cold the enamel is what absorbs the impact and keeps you from feeling the pain of sensitivity. The system works perfectly until the enamel begins to deteriorate. Tooth enamel is the least vulnerable of all the tissues in the human body and is made to last a lifetime but it can be compromised. The thing is that once the damage is done it cannot be reversed, so you should do everything in your power to preserve it. Acid is a primary enemy of tooth enamel and is found in many of the foods and drinks that we enjoy, sugar is another. If you can eliminate some of the more offensive culprits and cut back on a few others you will be promoting your odds of enjoying good oral health for many years to come. You can also save yourself the anxiety and expense that can come with having to have extensive dental work done. If you just can’t do without citrus fruit or the occasional soft drink, there are ways to lessen the effect that the sugar and acidity will have on your tooth enamel. Ask your dentist or hygienist about what to do to protect your enamel from erosion. Check the get acquainted offers on the Compass Dental website, and call us @ 828-358-2555 for your appointment.

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