Make Sure To List All Your Meds

There are many reasons to be mindful of the medicines that you take whether they be prescribed by your doctor or over the counter. You never want to take the chance that something you take on your own may not be appropriate for someone with your specific medical condition. Also, you have to be concerned about the way one medicine may react to another. Some medications can have a detrimental effect on your oral health. That’s why your dentist takes such a thorough history of your prescriptions and asks you to list any other drugs you may be taking. Even a seeming harmless aspirin can affect the blood clotting process so that there may be excessive bleeding during an otherwise non invasive dental procedure. Your dentist needs to be aware of this possibility if it exists. There are some prescription medications that can produce painful sores on the soft tissues that are found in the mouth. Your dentist can recommend steps you can take to decrease the chances of inflammation, but only if he knows about the risk. Dry mouth is typically recognized as a side effect of various medications. Anything that decreases its flow reduces the natural way saliva has of washing away the bacteria that can unite with food particles to cause tooth decay. Liquid cough syrups or chew-able vitamins are often laced with sugar and if taken on a regular basis could present a problem, especially for children who are more susceptible to cavities. Introduce your family to the Compass Dental practice of Hickory, NC. Call our office today @ 828-358-2555.

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