Losing A Tooth Can Be Intimidating

We know that significant tooth loss will affect our ability to chew some of our favorite foods. Steaks and corn on the cob for instance, may have to go by the wayside for awhile. If lost teeth are not replaced right away the surrounding teeth may start to shift out of position which in turn could change the alignment of your upper and lower teeth, better known as your “bite.” These are both examples of the physical ramifications that can happen after tooth loss, but what about the emotional ones? Losing a tooth isn’t really the same as losing another body part since it usually doesn’t require having a general anesthetic and a hospital stay is not typically part of the process. We depend on our teeth however, to give us the nice healthy smile that we are proud to display to the people that we communicate with everyday. When that smile is taken away because of the loss of one or more front teeth it can have a fairly devastating effect on the ego. Some people have been known to shy away from socializing with others altogether, even to the point of leaving their job. If you’re facing the possibility of having some teeth extracted talk to your dentist about replacement options. It will give you some peace of mind to know that the gap between your teeth is only a temporary situation. Get to know Dr. Sigmon and his staff of professionals at Compass Dental in Hickory, NC. Call the office @ 828-358-2555.

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