Look For Healthier Snacks

Some of your favorite foods and drinks aren’t so friendly to your teeth. We know that coffee can cause staining but there is a secondary repercussion that you may not have been aware of. The stains that are produced from drinking a lot of coffee roughen the surfaces of our teeth and make them more susceptible to plaque buildup – and we all know what that means. Don’t take the chance of that plaque turning into the tartar that can lead to serious gum disease and eventual tooth loss. If you must give in to your craving for caffeine drink it in the form of sugar free iced coffee and use a straw. Peanut butter is a popular snack food often spread on toast or a cracker and of course is a major ingredient in everyone’s favorite pb&j sandwich. The problem is that peanut butter sticks to your teeth and the longer it remains there the higher the risk of a cavity forming. The good news is that the sugarless brands are less likely to stay on your teeth so be sure to check the labels on the jar. “Trail mix” is the go-to snack for family outings and hiking trips. A lot of the brands contain dried fruit however, which is rich in sugar content and can easily get stuck between your teeth. It might be better to enjoy these treats at home where it’s easier to brush soon after. Ask your hygienist at Compass Dental for more suggestions about snacks that are better for your teeth. Call 828-358-2555 to confirm your next appointment.

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