How would you search for a new dentist in Hickory, NC?

How would you search for a new dentist in Hickory, NC

“Dentist near me,” is a popular way patients search for a local dentist. We’ve been trying to figure out how other residents would search for a dentist in Hickory, NC.

Consider this blog post a scientific experiment. We are trying to figure out how someone in Hickory might search for a family dentist in the Hickory, NC or surrounding area. Where do you go for local news and information? Our goal is not to chase residents down the street with a toothbrush. We sincerely want to give the community a chance to know who we are and just how committed we are to the dental health of North Carolina.

Did you know that the health of your teeth is linked to other major medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, premature and low birth weight, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions? The Mayo Clinic has published an interesting article.

We’d like to educate our community about the importance of regular cleanings and be a resource for any questions you might have. Some people think that regular cleanings are a way for the dentist’s office to keep their income up throughout the year. This is NOT our approach. We want to see you on a regular schedule to keep an eye on your dental health and insure that any issues are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner. We never recommend unnecessary procedures. Dental conditions that go unchecked can affect the overall health of your body. Reversing certain conditions become difficult, painful, and expensive. Sometimes the damage or overall compromise to your health cannot be reversed.

If someone you know or love is looking for a dentist, we hope you recommend Compass Dental. You found this post because you are a current patient, you found us online or someone directed you to our office.

There are many in the surrounding area who don’t know we exist. Could you help us out? If you were looking for a dentist, how would you search?

How Would You Search for a Dentist?

Some options might include:

  • Asking a friend, relative or co-worker for a referral
  • Searching on the internet
  • Remembering an ad or story you saw on TV
  • Remembering an ad you heard on the radio
  • Remembering an ad or story you saw in the newspaper or local magazine

Below are some suggestions but we’d really like to hear from you. Post a reply below and list the local media that you read, watch, and listen to. How would you search online?

Searching online by typing in:


Radio Stations



What do you think? Post below. What do you read? Where do you go for local information? Add to our list.

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