How Important Is A Smile?

Have you ever noticed that someone you know from work or a casual social acquaintance never seems to smile, and then you find out why? The situation can be embarrassing for you both. People who are hesitant to smile are usually self conscious about the condition of their teeth or the fact that there are some missing. If you’re lucky enough to have a healthy set of teeth you may have no idea what those who don’t go through and how important having a nice smile can be. But if you stop to think about it a nice smile is part of the good impression that we present to other people, some of whom can make a significant difference in our lives. The Harris Poll Online conducted a survey showing that a good percentage of the adults polled believed that a pleasant smile could be a definite advantage when interviewing for a job, or asking someone out on a date. Furthermore, the majority of people asked stated that the thing they would most like to improve about their looks was their smile. Fortunately it is easier today than ever before to get that improvement. Compass Dental can show you the way to the smile makeover that you desire. Dr. Simon and his associates are happy to consult with patients about the many innovative options available today. Call the office @ 828-358-2555 for an appointment at your convenience.

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