Consult A Dentist Before Whitening

If you’re unhappy with your smile because of tooth discoloration why not brighten it with one of the many choices of tooth whitening systems available today? But before you assume that whitening is the answer you should find out what’s causing the discoloration. It may be due to some medications you are taking or a physical condition that you are not aware of. So before things go any further let your dentist do a thorough exam. Once you have determined that there is no underlying cause and that a bleaching solution will work to whiten your teeth ask your dentist to recommend a particular method. Discoloration varies so that one whitening system may work well on yellow or brown stains but do nothing to eliminate a greyish tinge. If you opt to have the whitening done in your dentist’s office he will apply a highly concentrated gel that will take effect much faster than any over the counter product you may purchase. He may also use a laser beam to further speed up the process, which will take about an hour in all. If you prefer, your dentist will give you a whitening kit to take home and use there. It will contain custom made plastic trays, whitening gel and instructions. Talk to Dr. Sigmon of Compass Dental about the professional tooth whitening process that he offers his patients. Call the office today @ 828-385-5155 in Hickory, NJ.

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10 thoughts on “Consult A Dentist Before Whitening

  1. Kairi Gainsborough

    I didn’t realize that whitening isn’t always the answer to tooth discoloration. It would never have occurred to me that it may be caused by medication or a type of medical condition. Your advice to ask a dentist before trying a whitening system is really smart. I should definitely make an appointment before I start using bleach on my teeth without knowing if it will even work.

  2. S Kadali

    Absolutely! Whitening kits are never a permanent solution, especially if the staining is spreading and visible. It’s like putting a band aid over a wound. Definitely go see a dentist in that case. Not that whitening is bad, but it must be done if deemed and recommended by a dentist

  3. James Louis

    I I totally agree, whitening kits have their place but there are situations were only a dentist will be able to help you. Whitening kits have a limit of 16% hydrogen peroxide were as dentist can use much more than that if the situation calls for it.

  4. Bernard Clyde

    I think it is wise to consult a professional just in case there are some factors affecting teeth whiteness (like medications) that need to be addressed before fixing the problem. There’s little use in just treating symptoms rather than root problems. Dentists should know what will be the healthiest route for our teeth.

  5. Jenna Hunter

    My 23-year-old sister got proposed to last night while at her first MLB game! It was phenomenal to know that once you have determined that there is no underlying cause and that a bleaching solution will work to whiten your teeth ask your dentist to recommend a particular method. I am no expert but I would imagine that this would be the safest thing to do before the wedding!

  6. Alta

    Oh wow! I’ve tried a whitening kit before and it was completely uncomfortable because I have sensitive teeth. Wish I would have read this article before-hand. Advise from a dentist seems like the most logical approach!


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