Computer Technology Has Changed The Face Of Dentistry

Digital dentistry is part of the innovative technology that has provided the field with advanced improvements over the last several years. The ability to use a computer to design and manufacture a dental crown for instance, has made the process easier and more effective than ever before. Before the introduction of digital dentistry the typical procedure for getting a crown was for the dentist to take a preliminary impression of the tooth in order to fit the patient with a temporary device to wear until an independent laboratory could make the permanent crown. This involved at least two dental appointments and living with the inconvenience in the meantime. The digital process allows the dentist to use a computer scan to make an image of the patient’s tooth and design and build a crown from it. The dentist can then install the crown on the spot. Not only does this cut down on the time the patient must spend in the dentist’s chair and the discomfort of having to wear a temporary crown, but results have shown that a computer made restoration is superior to the man-made. Digital dentistry has enhanced procedures in many areas of the industry including the installation of implants, intra-oral imagery and laser therapy, among others. Meet with Dr. Sigmon of Compass Dental to discuss your oral health concerns. Call the office in Hickory @ 828-358-2555.

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