Dental Care Is Important For Every Member Of Your Family

Sometimes we get so involved in trying to keep up with the busy schedules of school and work that we forget about making regular family dental appointments a priority. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a checkup or if you’re new in your area and looking for a family dentist, search the internet or ask around for recommendations to get you back on track. Even if you stress the importance of home dental care and try to see to it that your kids brush and floss every day and eat the foods that are good for their teeth, professional care is still necessary to give them the best chance for long term oral health. Regular dental exams complete with cleanings and x-rays are the only way to diagnose a problem while it is still able to be easily managed. Periodontitis for instance, is a progressive disease that can be stopped in its tracks at the first stage of gingivitis. If it is left to develop however, gum disease can lead to a weakened bone structure and eventual tooth loss. Dr. Sigmon of Compass Dental in Hickory N.C. welcomes family members of all ages to his practice. Go to the website to become acquainted with the many services that Dr. Sigmon has to offer, then call the office @ 828-358-2555 to make your appointment.

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Maintain Your Dental Health

Regular dental checkups that include routine cleanings should become a part of your family plan for overall health maintenance. Poor oral health has been proven to be closely related to other physical conditions and disease. A thorough dental exam for example, will include screening for oral cancers that can be life threatening if not diagnosed early enough. The best way to prevent gum disease is to keep your teeth clear of plaque or tartar buildup. Brushing and flossing are good deterrents, but home care is not sufficient to remove all the everyday plaque that gathers on the teeth. Only a dental hygienist has the tools that can get to those hard to reach places between and around the teeth. Once plaque hardens to tartar the only way to treat it is with a professional cleaning. Advanced periodontitis can possibly lead to cardiovascular problems but keeping up with dental care can help prevent both. Any dental procedure becomes easier if it can be done before the particular problem has time to advance. A small surface cavity can even be reversed if treated at the earliest stage. Your dentist may also be able to detect a weakened tooth before it cracks or see that a filling needs to be replaced. The bottom line is that prevention is the key to good oral health. Make and keep regular family checkups with your dentist and dental hygienist . Call Compass Dental @ 828-358-2555 to make that appointment today.

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Sedation Dentistry Can Work For You

Fortunately, especially for those of us who may be more prone to anxiety than others there are more options for sedation dentistry today than ever before. Nitrous oxide for example, is a mild sedation that the patient inhales through a mask that is placed over the nose before the procedure begins. It is rapidly effective and wears off just as quickly. Other minimal sedation may be given in the form of a pill which is taken an hour or so before the procedure is to begin. The oral dosage may be increased if your dentist sees the need. The higher the strength the more the effect will be felt. Some patients have been known to actually doze off but are easily roused. If moderate sedation is administered intravenously the patient will feel the effects sooner. A general anesthesia will let the patient sleep through the entire procedure or be in a semi conscious state, whichever is more appropriate to the individual. Compass Dental is the only office in the tri county region offering general anesthesia administered by a board certified anesthesiologist! Your dentist will go over your medical history and discuss with you all the possible options for your sedation. Be sure to let him know about any new medications that you are taking that may not be listed on your record. Don’t forget to mention any over the counter medicines you are taking just to make sure to eliminate any risk of dangerous drug interaction. Dr. Sigmon will make it his priority to go over every aspect of dental sedation with you so that you can decide together which type may be best suited to your procedure. Call Compass Dental @ 828-358-2555.

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Prospects Have Improved

If you’re missing one tooth or more than a few and have been diagnosed as a less than likely candidate for dental implants don’t despair, there are other ways to deal with the dilemma. Dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable and clumsy. Today’s technology has allowed dentists to custom make dentures so well that they are often mistaken for natural teeth. One of the biggest issues in ending up with a perfectly fitting denture is getting a good impression to go by. A dental impression is a replica of a patient’s natural teeth which is used as a model to create a denture. New techniques are being used to make the patient more comfortable during the process so that his muscles will be relaxed and the result will be more accurate. Improvements in the materials used and the size and shape of modern dentures have made them conform better to the mouth and give the wearer new confidence to eat and speak just like he did with his natural teeth. This is a major development compared to the instability of some of the previous appliances. A well fitting and effective denture is a great benefit to the wearer but just like a crown or a veneer or even an implant it must be taken care of. Regular dental checkups and proper maintenance will promote the longevity of any denture. Visit Compass Dental @ to find out more about the improved possibilities for tooth replacement.

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Take The First Step Toward Good Oral Health

If you find yourself using any excuse in the book to put off making an appointment with your dentist you may be experiencing an extreme case of dental anxiety. Some people are so afraid of the dentist that they would actually prefer to suffer through the pain of a severe toothache than undergo a dental procedure to relieve it. This kind of apprehension is totally unnecessary if you consider the way that technology has advanced in the field of dentistry. Big scary drills have been replaced with smaller versions that work much faster and sound a lot less threatening. Embarrassment may also be a part of the problem. People who have shied away from dental care for sometime may find it hard to admit. They may also expect disapproval and possibly even reprimand from the dentist or hygienist. You may rest assured that this will not be the case! Professionals in the dental industry are only concerned with the best interests of their patients. They will be glad that you have put your trust in them and will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The easiest and less costly way to deal with a dental issue is to tackle it head on. Ask for personal recommendations and search the internet to find a dentist who sounds just right for your needs. Dr. Sigmon of Compass Dental in Hickory N.C. will be happy to discuss your concerns. Call his office @ 828-322-6226

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Dental Sedation Can Work For You

The average person feels some level of anxiety when they think about an upcoming dental appointment, but some people are so stressed out by the thought that the anxiety turns to a fear so strong that it becomes debilitating. Probably the most serious outcome from this is if the person just stops going to the dentist altogether. If you count yourself among those who suffer from extreme dental anxiety there is some good news. Dental sedation can be the answer. Many dentists applaud the innovation and offer several approaches to stress management ranging from minimal level sedation to a general anesthesia infused intravenously right in the office. Nitrous oxide otherwise known as “laughing gas” is a very popular medication for lower strength sedation. It is inhaled through a mask and the soothing effects are felt in a matter of minutes. The dosage can be increased or lessened upon demand. Oral sedatives are a step up. They are given in pill form to be taken an hour or so before the scheduled procedure. Patients will be conscious throughout their appointment but will be completely relaxed to the point that they are oblivious to the goings on around them. Iv sedation means that the patient will be completely unconscious during the dental treatment. He will be required to fast for the eight hours leading up to the procedure and advised to have someone along to drive him to and from the appointment. Talk to Dr. Sigmon of Compass Dental about the options for dental sedation and of what benefit they can be to you. Call the office @ (828)385-5155.

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A Real Alternative

The fact that you wore braces as a child doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you won’t need minor adjustments as an adult. The teeth can change position with time even after orthodontic treatment. Fortunately there is a solution for this actuality. Realine is a realignment system specifically designed to accommodate minor recurrences of orthodontic issues. The treatment can be used to close noticeable gaps between the front teeth or to straighten teeth that have slipped back out of their corrected position. Even though these adjustments are considered to be relatively insignificant compared to extensive orthodontic therapy, they can mean a big difference to someone who is embarrassed to smile because of an imperfection, no matter how slight. Most adults would feel awkward wearing a visible retainer or other similar appliance, but the Reline system eliminates that issue. Patients are fitted with specifically made aligners which they will use for approximately a ten week duration. These clear aligners are comfortable to wear and can be removed when eating or to make brushing and flossing easier. Compass Dental offers Realine invisible alignment therapy to accommodate their patients who are looking for a better way to improve their smile. Dr. Sigmon can assess your needs and determine if you are a good candidate for Realine. Call the office today @ (828)385-5155 to set up your appointment.

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Smile Makeover

At Compass Dental in Hickory, NC outside of routine cleanings and emergency dental services, the main question we get is, “What can you do to improve my smile?”

A smile is often the first impression someone has when you meet. A warm smile can communicate many things to the recipient. Often, various situations compromise a smile that used to be bright and healthy. Many of our patients express to us that their self-confidence and their ability to offer a quick smile left years ago. We understand.

Confusion about potential pain involved in correcting a smile or being unaware of the latest procedures can often prevent a visit to the dentist or the courage to discuss options with a dental professional.

You may not be familiar with new advances in dental care. Why not make an appointment so we can talk about the possibilities of a smile makeover for you? Whether you’ve heard the terms or want more information about porcelain crowns, cosmetic white fillings, veneers, cosmetic bonding, Realine braces, a porcelain bridge, implant dentistry, or KoR whitening treatments, we’d welcome the opportunity to chat.

Veneers can correct gaps and misshapen teeth. Implants can be used for missing teeth and to secure dentures. Realine braces can be used to straighten teeth. Maybe you just want a brighter smile with whitening?

If you want to get an idea for what’s possible, take a look at our smile gallery.

Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (828)385-5155, and let us prove to you that we want to be your dentist in Hickory, NC!

Compass Dental Hickory
Dr. Ryan Sigmon
231 13th Avenue Place Northwest
Hickory, NC 28601
Phone: (828)385-5155

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How would you search for a new dentist in Hickory, NC?

How would you search for a new dentist in Hickory, NC

“Dentist near me,” is a popular way patients search for a local dentist. We’ve been trying to figure out how other residents would search for a dentist in Hickory, NC.

Consider this blog post a scientific experiment. We are trying to figure out how someone in Hickory might search for a family dentist in the Hickory, NC or surrounding area. Where do you go for local news and information? Our goal is not to chase residents down the street with a toothbrush. We sincerely want to give the community a chance to know who we are and just how committed we are to the dental health of North Carolina.

Did you know that the health of your teeth is linked to other major medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, premature and low birth weight, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions? The Mayo Clinic has published an interesting article.

We’d like to educate our community about the importance of regular cleanings and be a resource for any questions you might have. Some people think that regular cleanings are a way for the dentist’s office to keep their income up throughout the year. This is NOT our approach. We want to see you on a regular schedule to keep an eye on your dental health and insure that any issues are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner. We never recommend unnecessary procedures. Dental conditions that go unchecked can affect the overall health of your body. Reversing certain conditions become difficult, painful, and expensive. Sometimes the damage or overall compromise to your health cannot be reversed.

If someone you know or love is looking for a dentist, we hope you recommend Compass Dental. You found this post because you are a current patient, you found us online or someone directed you to our office.

There are many in the surrounding area who don’t know we exist. Could you help us out? If you were looking for a dentist, how would you search?

How Would You Search for a Dentist?

Some options might include:

  • Asking a friend, relative or co-worker for a referral
  • Searching on the internet
  • Remembering an ad or story you saw on TV
  • Remembering an ad you heard on the radio
  • Remembering an ad or story you saw in the newspaper or local magazine

Below are some suggestions but we’d really like to hear from you. Post a reply below and list the local media that you read, watch, and listen to. How would you search online?

Searching online by typing in:


Radio Stations



What do you think? Post below. What do you read? Where do you go for local information? Add to our list.

Compass Dental Hickory
Dr. Ryan Sigmon
231 13th Avenue Place Northwest
Hickory, NC 28601
Phone: (828)385-5155

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Slipping Dentures is No Laughing Matter

Senior Couple Putting On In Line Skates In Park

Chances are you are one of the less than 6% of all denture wearers who’s dentures are secured with implants. This means you are fighting denture adhesives and are not enjoying all the chewing, biting, laughing, and smiling that you could be.

Baby Boomers are turning 65 at a rate of one every ten seconds (or 3-4 million per year). That means more teeth will be slipping and favorite foods will go uneaten.

Are you happy with dentures moving and slipping in your mouth? Are they causing sore spots or even worse, dentures that dislodge while laughing or speaking?

Your quality of life is suffering, yet you have options to improve the situation; dental implants to secure your dentures.

What are Dental Implants?

In simple terms, dental implants are dentures that are anchored to your jaw. Patients report that these implanted dentures look and feel like natural teeth. There are options for implant-secured dentures that can be removed and cleaned. Or, you might decide that fixed implant dentures are right for you. This option becomes a permanent solution.

Talking with Dr. Sigmon will determine which option is available for your particular situation.

Benefits of Dental Implants?

  • Eat foods you haven’t been able to eat for years
  • Implants are permanently attached, dentures snap in securely
  • No strain on other teeth since solutions are individually attached
  • Implants look and function like real teeth for a natural look and feel
  • No adhesives to deal with
  • Get your smile back
  • Laugh, speak, and enjoy life without worry

How Successful are Dental Implants?

Success rates of up to 98% is impressive, for sure. With the right care, your implants can last a lifetime.

Custom dentures may be the right choice for you. The denture plate is anchored to an implant so you don’t need to worry about shifting, slipping, tilting or other problems associated with this approach. In fact, we use the latest technology to insure your dentures can withstand the most aggressive biting and chewing. How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed all the foods you love? Has there been an embarrassing social situation that you wish you could prevent from reoccurring?

If you are ready to discuss the alternatives to dentures, let us know. Our goal is to bring back your confident smile and let you get back to living your life.

Contact Compass Dental Hickory for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Call our office at (828)385-5155 to determine how implant dentistry can make your teeth stronger and more secure than ever.

Compass Dental Hickory
Dr. Ryan Sigmon
231 13th Avenue Place Northwest
Hickory, NC 28601
Phone: (828)385-5155

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